In 2006, the farm house was renovated and transformed into Agritourism. The house was designed and built in a way so the guests can be in constant touch with the landscape and the vineyards in the Demarcated Douro Region.

From the 9 rooms overlooking the Douro Valley, the guests can feel the soul of the vineyards and the wine, taking in the greatness of the Douro River and the centuries-old man-made terraced schistous slopes.

The 20 hectares of vineyards, the chapel, the granite lagares and the wine cellars where the wine ages help the guests understand the feelings and traditions of the people from this valley.

Our guests are accompanied by the host family and winemaker. The guests can acquire all the knowledge and traditional methods of making Port and Douro wines which are produced in the Quinta, as well as the possibility of doing a course in vines and wine tasting.


With advance booking:

  • Walks to places of interest in the county of Tabuaço.
  • Outings in 4-wheel-drive vehicles including various activities and traditional games.
  • Visits with a guide to places of interest in the Demarcated Douro Region or surrounding area.
  • Boat trips on the Douro River.

Without advance booking:

  • The possibility of participating in farming activities especially in the wine harvest, picking grapes or grape crushing.
  • Outings in 4-wheel-drive vehicles including various activities and traditional games.
  • Wine tasting (Douro and Port) with the farm enologist.
  • Explanatory sessions of the methods used in grape farming and wine making in the Douro as well as the different wines produced in this region.
  • Walks through the vineyards of the Quinta.
  • Cycling in the Quinta.

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* Sociedade Agrícola da Quinta de Santo António de Adorigo
Estrada Nacional 323
* Adorigo - 5120-011 Tabuaço

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